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Matadors Respond to Back to School Season

As COVID restrictions have begun to ease throughout the United States, many students are returning to campus. This includes students at Mira Loma High School, who have varying opinions about resuming in-person learning on Thursday.

While some students have expressed their ambivalence about returning to school as COVID-19 continues to spread, others are excited to see their friends in person once again. One sophomore, who is both nervous and excited about going back to school, says that this “doesn’t really [feel] real.”

Peter Nelson, ‘22, shares similar feelings. While he is “excited … to have a full class and … meet with [his] friends,” he is also somewhat “wary of … a small spread [of COVID-19]” and feels “concerned for some people that refuse to get the vaccine.” However, Nelson also believes that Mira Loma will be able to get through it.

To prevent the transmission of COVID-19, all students and staff are required to wear masks on campus, regardless of vaccination status. In addition, various other precautions, such as physical distancing and cleaning measures, will be instituted.

Another student, Janelle Choi, ‘23, feels “excited to go back to campus and meet everyone again.” Though she finds the idea of junior year daunting, she is optimistic and expects that time management will be crucial. 

Staff at Mira Loma have also expressed excitement at being able to return to campus. Principal Clete Purinton, who was Vice-Principal for five years, says he is “excited for the opportunity to continue working at Mira Loma in this new capacity.” Purinton goes on to say that “it is anticipated that [students] will be excited and anxious about returning to full in-person learning this year,” while “staff has worked hard to prepare for the start of school and [they] look forward to reestablishing the Mira Loma culture.” (Read Principal Purinton’s full message here.) 

To kick off the school year, Mira Loma’s student government is hosting an early Club Rush for existing clubs at lunch on Thursday and Friday. All students are welcome to participate and sign up for clubs they are interested in. With Friday’s extended lunch will also come an opportunity to play games at each club booth and win raffle tickets.  

All in all, it is evident that students and staff are working hard to ensure that everyone has a fantastic 2021-2022 school year.

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