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Letter #6: Should I Split a Bill on a Date?

In this current era, is it acceptable for the bill to be split on a date, or should one party still pay more? If the payment is skewed, what factors should determine who pays a larger/complete share of the price?

It is completely acceptable to ask to split the bill on a date, regardless of gender, especially in this era. In a time before our own, it was common for men to pay the full bill on a date with a female, as they were expected to. With the past push for gender equality, a push that still continues to grow to this day, it is not uncommon to see bills being split on the date. While this idea holds true to most, if the bill must be split, there is one major factor that would solve this altercation. 

In this day and age, this determination isn’t simply solved by gender. As society continues to progress, the idea of homosexual couples and females asking males on dates will grow with it. Determining who would pay the bill, if splitting it 50/50 was not an option, is as simple as asking yourself one question, Who asked who on the date? If you asked someone on a date, and you both agreed you didn’t want to split the bill, it would be courteous to pay the bill because you asked the other person out. 

While this may seem like a viable response for many of you, just like myself, this is ultimately a matter that will still be up for debate, because of its opinionated nature. In a study conducted by Fox News, for a universal perspective, it was found that out of 2,000 Americans, 68% think it’s polite to offer to split the bill on the first date. But on subsequent dates after the first, 63% of those polled thought that the party with a higher income should pay on the second date. From the third date and on, 70% of people believed that the person to pay the bill should alternate. 

For the most part, in this current era, we say it is completely acceptable to ask to split the bill on a date.

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