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School Sports Update

As time passes and school has yet to return to in-person learning, the question of sports still remains at large. Although no competitions have been given clearances, there is a lot of newly released information that the district would like to share with students in hopes to get athletes back practicing as soon as possible.

Before taking a look at this information, it’s important to note that all decisions on these matters are based on an order of command from the State of California, County of Sacramento, District, CIF, and League of Competitions. Sports have only been given permission to start phase one of outdoor conditioning if they follow all of the up-to-date regulations set by the CDPH guidelines for youth sports.

The league Mira Loma is in has decided to only focus on league play, which will hopefully reach as many student-athletes as possible with the current situation. There will be a two-season format for the rest of the year, in which some sports will carry out from March 1st to April 23rd and others will span from April 19th to June 3rd. The first season will contain cross country, football, golf, swim, and tennis. The second consists of baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, track and field, and wrestling.

The sports have also been assigned a tier that will determine if the sport is cleared to play. If we are not in that tier yet, then the sport may not be able to resume. There is purple (cross country, golf, swim, tennis, and track and field), red (baseball and softball), orange (football, soccer, volleyball, and water polo), and yellow (basketball and wrestling). At the moment, we are in the purple tier, meaning that we currently have the lowest chances of returning.

Even though the seasons are not set in stone yet, there are still things athletes can do to prepare themselves as much as possible. The first would be to reach out to the coach of whatever sport you are interested in so they know who is interested in joining the team. The second would be to register yourself in Sportsnet, a sports specialty service the school uses. If you are a first-time athlete or a freshman, don’t forget to include an up to date physical on the San Juan form.

Ideally, students will be able to begin sports safely soon. In the meantime, you can train on your own if possible, and do the things mentioned above. If you have any questions, you can email our athletic director at We hope to see you back and practicing as soon as possible.

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