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An Interview With Mira Loma’s New Athletic Director

Mira Loma’s New Athletic Director – Ms. Hay

Interview by: Olivia Maglalang

What high school did you attend?

Nevada Union in Grass Valley, CA.  I was born and raised there.

​What are your main duties as the athletic director for Mira Loma High School?

Managing coaches – scheduling and equipment, getting clearance forms and keeping track of our athletes to make sure that their grades are up and they are cleared, but most importantly making sure everyone is having a good time!

​Why did you become our athletic director?

When I first started teaching, I taught high school and took some time off and went back to a K-8 school.  I really liked high school and wanted to come back to that. 

What are your favorite sports to watch and who are your favorite teams?

My favorite sports to watch are the ones my kids play.  My son plays soccer, lacrosse, and water polo. My daughter plays volleyball and swims.  My favorite team to watch is the US Women’s National Team and watching them compete in the World Cup.

If you could hang out with any athlete (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

I would hang out with Jackie Joyner-Kersee (track-and-field athlete) because when she started, women weren’t really in sports and definitely had an uphill battle, but she really dominated the field and proved herself.

Did you play any sports growing up?
I played tennis in both high school and college and also ran track and played volleyball in high school.  When I was little, I did gymnastics for a while.

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