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Mira Loma’s 2024 Asian Culture Fair

Mira Loma’s 2024 Asian Culture Fair took place on Friday, January 26 after great preparation and anticipation. The fair was available for classes to visit from second to fifth period. Colorful chalk drawings decorated the entrance to the cultural booths and performances that were held along the expanse of the quad and cafeteria. 

The cafeteria hosted most of the fair’s cultural performances. Mira Loma’s band started off festivities with a performance of Desh. Following this lively performance, viewers were serenaded by B-sharps’ cover of Mayonaka no Door, a Japanese song originally sung by Miki Matsubara. After these musical numbers, a variety of cultural performances followed. These included traditional Chinese fan and ribbon dancing, Chinese lion and dragon dancing, Filipino Tinikling, traditional Indonesian dancing, Taiko drum performances, Vietnamese fan dancing, Korean pop dancing by Pop Rocks, traditional Desi dancing, and a fashion show showcasing cultural clothing. 

In the background of these immersive performances were several displays from Mira Loma’s art and language classes. Carefully crafted ceramic pieces from IB art 1 and ceramics classes were on display along the sides of the cafeteria. Tables also presented art projects from MYP global art students as a tribute to Japanese internment camp detainees. Panels flaunted paper lanterns, origami dragon envelopes, cultural artworks from IB art 2 students, ink and brush paintings, cherry blossom paintings, and tea kettle paintings. 

Stepping outside of the cafeteria, the festive atmosphere remained high as students were free to explore the plethora of student booths. Students were invited to learn about a number of Asian cultures and engage in exciting activities. 

This year’s Asian Art Fair was enormously successful and served as a reminder of Mira Loma’s dedication to and appreciation for student diversity. The celebration was made possible by the combined efforts of students and teachers, and remains a unique part of what Mira Loma has to offer. 

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