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Mira Loma Today’s Book Rec of the Week (11/7)

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir 

“Human beings have a remarkable ability to accept the abnormal and make it normal.”

Project Hail Mary will hook you in from the first page as its protagonist, high school science teacher Ryland Grace, wakes up alone on a spaceship with no clue how he got there or what to do next. 

Told in a dual timeline, we follow Grace in the past as he explores a strange organism known as Astrophage while simultaneously following his present self as he slowly pieces together his whereabouts… and his mission. The true stakes of the story become crystal clear: humanity is in danger, and it is up to Grace to save it. 

Part mystery, part comedy, part saga, Project Hail Mary will take you on a journey of a lifetime. There will be trials, tribulations, and a whole lot of science. And although the science involved in this novel is undeniably complex, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. With this work and its predecessor, The Martian, it is clear that Weir excels at compressing complicated concepts into condensed, accessible explanations that readers can easily comprehend and appreciate. 

The true heart of the novel lies within Grace himself. Specifically, in the bond he forms with a character whose arrival expands the scope of the story into entirely new territory. This dynamic and the revelations associated with it provide the emotional undercurrent that leaves a profound impact on readers and differentiates this story from any scientific adventure like it. 

A space odyssey of epic proportions and incredible depth, Project Hail Mary will open your mind to the true wonders of space exploration and the remarkability of life while challenging your ideas of what it really means to be human. 

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