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Mira Loma Today’s Book Rec of the Week (10/31)

Carrie Soto Is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

“We live in a world where exceptional women have to sit around waiting for mediocre men.”

Carrie Soto Is Back follows the bold and unapologetic Carrie “Battle Axe” Soto as she steps out of retirement and into the field – and the limelight – to defend her title as the greatest tennis player of all time after her Grand Slam record is threatened by the fierce and far younger Nicky Chan. 

You’ve heard of Seles and Graf, you’ve heard of McEnroe and Borg, now get ready for Soto and Chan – a rivalry of the ages. 

This book is riveting. Whether you have background knowledge in tennis or not, you will be sucked into the game as Carrie trains to win her twenty-first Grand Slam. Reid is a seasoned player when it comes to prose, building tension and evoking emotion in the reader with ease. As usual, she is also a master at crafting characters, and Carrie Soto might just be her best yet. 

What makes Carrie Soto so special is that she is not written to be liked. She is self-assured, confident, and distrustful. Winning matters more to her than almost anything else. However, her ambition and passion are undeniably admirable and it’s hard not to root for our heroine as she continues to chase the one thing that’s defined her for all of her life. 

It’s also hard not to root for her as she balances the many relationships in her life, both platonic and romantic. However, the true gem of this story lies in the relationship she has with her father and coach, a dynamic that added an extra layer of depth and heart to the novel. 

Don’t miss out on this Grand Slam of a novel! 

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