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Drama Club Holds Auditions for Production of ‘Ozma of Oz’

Now returning to a typical stage after last year’s virtual performance, the Mira Loma High School Drama Club is holding auditions for the play Ozma of Oz: A Tale of Time. These auditions will take place on Wednesday, December 8th at 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. in F5, with callbacks on Thursday, December 9th at 2:05 to 3:05 p.m in F3. Both actors and backstage help, such as techs, are needed.

Ozma of Oz is a play about the adventures of a unique cast of characters adapted from L. Frank Baum’s book series, which starts with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is featured most prominently, once again swept away to a magical world known as Oz. New characters, including Ozma who is referenced in the play’s title, are also introduced.

One Drama Club member, Mazzy Knackstedt, ‘23, plans to audition for the role of Dorothy. With experience as a tech, someone who works behind the scenes to control backstage equipment and elements, she looks forward to the production. As someone who has never even heard of Ozma of Oz, she “absolutely can’t wait to audition and finally read the story” and is “deeply interested to see how it differs from the common story of The Wizard of Oz.”

While excited about the production, Knackstedt is also “a little nervous about auditions,” as well as her decision between trying out for the role of Dorothy and being in tech to help with costumes. However, she feels reassured by the fact that she will “be able to help in some aspect even if [she doesn’t] get the roles [she tries] out for.”

Reflecting on the past year’s virtual performance, Knackstedt acknowledges that it was “tricky.” She recalls various difficulties in performing over Zoom, such as not being able to leave the meeting, turn one’s camera on and off, or use one’s entire body to act. Still, she believes that the production did well, and “cannot wait to see how [they] do this year.”

Despite finally returning to an in-person performance, Knackstedt still feels that the production will be limited as a result of COVID-19 protocols and precautions, such as being required to wear masks while performing. She “[hopes that they] will find a way to overcome that factor efficiently,” as it may cause difficulties for actors who need to effectively communicate and convey emotion.

Even with the unique circumstances that the Drama Club’s rendition of Ozma of Oz faces, Knackstedt says she is “very ready to dedicate [her] energy to this.”

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