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Opinion: Homecoming Wasn’t Worth Our Money

Last Saturday, Mira Loma hosted a homecoming dance out on the football field. To be more precise, they hosted it in one dark, cramped corner of the track. In the week leading up to the dance, it was advertised as a fun and exciting gathering. We dreamed of delicious food, good music, and a rare chance to socialize. 

But, what we thought we would get and what we actually got were two very different things. What happened to the weather? Why were all the songs so dull and difficult to dance to? And most importantly, where did all the food go? This year’s homecoming was quite disappointing and most definitely not worth the unreasonable cost to attend. 

One major downside to the dance, that significantly dampened the mood, was the constant downpour of rain. It was already quite dark outside when the dance started, and finding familiar faces proved difficult. The confusion that came with all the darkness only escalated once the rain began to fall. A little while into the dance, everyone there was completely drenched. For those who did not bring umbrellas or more weather-appropriate clothing, there was barely any room for them to shelter themselves. 

While spirits were generally high from the beginning the enthusiasm in the space started to dim as the rain hammered throughout the night. Rain is not a factor anyone can control, but it still took a lot away from the quality of the dance.

Another factor that contributed to the event’s failure was the poor choice of music. The majority of songs played were variations of hip-hop and rap or from a trend on the app TikTok. On their own, these songs may not have had any real flaws. However, because many of them were not well known, they made the experience less enjoyable. For those that already found it difficult to dance, trying to dance to an unfamiliar song only added to the challenge.

And finally, what many considered the most unfortunate reality of the dance: the severe lack of food. One member of homecoming royalty, Shirlee, commented, “Well, we had to pay for the food…I know they needed the money, but I already paid 30 dollars”. 

Her comment reflects the sentiment of numerous others who attended the dance. The only form of sustenance came in the form of candy and bags of chips. And these had an additional cost, aside from the price it took to enter the dance.

In the end, those that attended may have enjoyed themselves simply because they were looking to have fun. It can definitively be stated that the quality of the dance was not what led to the attendees having a positive experience. The dance’s poor design may discourage those who had previously planned to attend in future years. Furthermore, those that did not go will be even less likely to change their minds in the future. 

Attendance at school events is a crucial part of Mira Loma’s overall school spirit. Without a good-quality experience at school events, our school cannot improve from the level of school spirit it currently has. 

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