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Letter #7 (New student at Mira Loma)

I’m switching to this school for junior year and I’m so nervous because I don’t know a single person or anything about the school.

By Anon

Dear Anon,

We are so glad you reached out to Mira Loma Today’s advice column, and on behalf of everyone on our team, we welcome you to Mira Loma High School! 

Let’s get started with a couple of things about Mira Loma, to help you get more familiarized with our campus. 

  1. I guess we should start off with the obvious. Here is the link to the Mira Loma website, which you can browse to gain more insight into our school: 
  2. Our school mascot is the Matador (bullfighter) and our school colors are Scarlet red, Columbian blue, and white. 
  3. We run on a semester system, and the average student has six classes per day. Some students have 0 period so they have seven classes, while some others have free periods.
  4. Mira Loma offers several academic programs, including International Baccalaureate, International Studies, and Special Education. In IB we offer the MYP, Associate, Certificate, and Diploma programs. There is more information about the programs on the website.  
  5. We have a couple of events here at Mira Loma that students love to participate in. In the fall, we have homecoming season. Each class chooses a theme, which they design a float based off of. Students participate in flower parties during lunch, after school, and more. This all leads up to the homecoming football game, in which each class proudly displays their float and waits for the judges’ decision. A second event is SAR (Sports-A-Rama). This is another class competition, and it is arguably the biggest event at Mira Loma. Each class picks a theme (usually a movie), and all T-shirts, decorations, and statutes are based on this theme. The statue is basically a performance where students reenact scenes from their chosen movie, using only their bodies. Here’s an example of the 2018 senior statue: Students train for several months before the actual day of SAR, practicing for statue and other events such as tube dive or caterpillar. Seniors normally win SAR because they have the most experience. You can probably tell that there is a lot of class pride here at Mira Loma, and there are a lot of opportunities for the classes to face off against each other. 
  6. Mira Loma offers a slew of student-run clubs, including academic teams (Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and Speech and Debate), cultural clubs, sports clubs, and many more! We have a club rush every year where various clubs present information and students have the opportunity to sign up. 

We hope this information helped you get to know our campus better! Also, we totally understand the nerves, but don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get to know your peers, whether it be in your classes, on sports teams, or at club meetings. You could even join our newspaper in the fall if you wanted to! And from our experiences, our teachers and counselors are here for you to help guide you and talk to you if you need anything. 

We wish you the best of luck and are excited that you are joining the Mira Loma community! 


The ML Today Advice Column 

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