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Covid Causes Esports Surge

The Esports industry has grown rapidly over the last few years, culminating in almost over 1 billion dollars. This growth has allowed fans all over the globe to play games with their friends and family, especially during lockdown. Through positive and negative drawbacks, here are the effects esports has implicated on people during 2020. 

One significant way Esports has impacted people is through entertainment. People, especially students, have been found more likely to enjoy playing video games with their friends and family. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not at in person school, thus needing other people to socialize with. One student interviewed about this, stated “My total hours per gaming largely rose during the middle of the pandemic. I think that games are necessary during this time, especially since lots of people are isolated.” This has shown to be relatively true, as many people who play video games moderately say it’s a good method to relax and take a break. Others also stated that the esports industry has helped people overcome hardships, by finding a distraction to get their minds off of certain things. 

However, this type of gaming can have drawbacks. Gaming is known to be addictive, and can also lead to negative health effects. A study found that children are more likely to get addicted to an esports game, as their minds are not yet fully developed. Some video games also contain vulgar language and violence. To some, this is not what people need. A student who recently quit playing video games said “I used to play constantly during the summer when the Coronavirus had nearly just hit its peak, but I soon started to feel more and more agitated as I played.” After surveying many students, it was found that the effects can depend on the type of person. The study from The National Center for Biotechnology Information also shed light on how the amount of loneliness found in a student impacted the level of a video game addiction.

As one can see, the Esports industry has reached its peak in 2020, and is expected to grow more. This is mainly due to the stay at home orders issued by many states, causing people to turn to video games. While it is certainly an enjoyable way to take a break from hardships, video games also can come with certain negative effects. This is why people can come to a consensus that the esports industry is meant to be enjoyed in moderation. 

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