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Celebrating Valentine’s Day During COVID-19

Valentine’s Day is a day to be celebrated with friends, family, and loved ones. Though it is often portrayed as a romantic Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just that. Showing your friends, family, and even your pets how much you love them through gifts, candy, and hugs, is a beautiful and heartwarming tradition. 

This year, Valentine’s Day is a little bit different. The COVID-19 virus has kept us from in-person learning and large gatherings, but we have to adapt for this special holiday too. Many students have said that they will be staying home and celebrating through a relaxing day. Having time to relax is important, especially when there’s so much stress! 

Rowena Jobi, a freshman, says that for Valentine’s Day this year she is going to, “Play board games with family and watch a couple of movies.” Time spent with family has increased since we have all been stuck in quarantine, but it is important not to take that time for granted, and to continue to make new memories. Others are choosing to spend time with their significant others on this romantic day. Michael Alofa-Aders ‘22, says, “I’m doing a movie night (over facetime) with my girlfriend Abby after work!” Online platforms provide many opportunities for us to communicate with our loved ones. 

Letting loved ones know how much you love them is important, but Khadijah Attar ‘23 shows us that it is also important to show yourself some love too. Khadijah says, “On Valentine’s Day, I will be taking the time to do a self-care routine…. I will be sitting at home on my bed eating chocolates, smelling flowers, and hyping myself up with music.” Taking time for yourself is very important and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to treat yourself to a nice day of sweets, flowers, and relaxation. 

Valentine’s Day has also inspired fun school activities. Emma Yao ‘24, says, “I have an assignment in my Chinese class to make a card and share it with someone. In class, we learned about the history of China’s version of Valentine’s Day, which was interesting.” There are many, many different ways to celebrate this holiday which are fun and festive.

It can be hard to come up with fun and festive ways to celebrate holidays during the pandemic, so listed below are some great ideas on how to celebrate a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day, that both you and your loved ones are bound to enjoy.

  1. Show your appreciation to your family by making them breakfast in bed. You can make them a meal that they will remember. The secret ingredient is love! 
  2. Decorating for any holiday can get you into a festive spirit, so why not decorate for Valentine’s Day?
  3. Make a photo album or look at a past one. This can bring back/create new memories and heartfelt feelings of love and compassion towards your loved ones.
  4. Baking is a fun way to create new memories and traditions and to celebrate in a sweet and delicious way with your family.
  5. Sending a Valentine to someone you are close to is a perfect way to make someone’s day!
  6. Game nights can satisfy your thirst for fun, competition, and excitement.
  7. Movie nights! Indulge in fun, romantic, or action-packed films with friends and/or family. 
  8. Calling a friend is a great way to catch up on what they have been doing and it may inspire you to do something that they said was fun. 

We hope your Valentine’s Day is one of love, appreciation, and fun celebrations!

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