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A Lesser Known Club: The Secret Society of Sleuths

Mira Loma students are fortunate to have a selection of over eighty clubs to join and explore personal interests. Of these, the Secret Society of Sleuths, or SSOS, is a club students may participate in which allows them to develop their sleuthing skills. According to president Maisha Sinha ‘22, club members learn to solve various types of puzzles and mysteries to improve cognitive ability. Members may participate in a large variety of interactive activities such as freeing themselves from escape rooms and creating mystery boxes. Mystery boxes are composed of a story, articles, and props. Within the box there are smaller puzzles and clues that need to be solved leading to the solution of an overarching plot. Once a person believes they have the solution, they may check the conclusion they have reached with the correct solution. The club also actively discusses conspiracies in addition to other thought provoking activities. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SSOS club, like many other campus clubs, has had to meet virtually. Despite this, members have been able to continue to sharpen their thinking skills. Recently, SSOS members have discussed mysteries, played Who-dun-it games, and solved a virtual escape room revolving around the assasination of President Abraham Lincoln. They also began creating their own mystery boxes at the beginning of winter break. Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the club had planned to visit in-person escape rooms and order crime boxes to solve together. The club greatly values collaboration and teamwork. Once circumstances allow, the club still plans to carry out these interactive, in-person activities. 

Club officers strive to make SSOS a place where members can exercise their brains and have a period of relaxation after a challenging school day. Vice president of the club, Indira Debbad, a junior, states “My favorite part about being in SSOS is solving puzzles and mysteries.” Debbad particularly enjoys the roleplay mysteries, where members take on the role of a character and must discover who the murderer is based on the investigation. The president adds that the best part about being a SSOS member is getting the opportunity to think outside of the box and challenge one’s thinking to solve problems. Sinha explains, “The feeling of content after you figure out a hard puzzle or clue in a mystery is so gratifying. Having to think in ways you didn’t know existed, or working with new friends is what we want all of our members to do and learn.” 

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