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Joe Biden Announces Covid Task Force

Two days after becoming President Elect, Joe Biden announced the creation of a COVID advisory board, which would include top researchers and public health officials in order to make a plan for the current pandemic. 

In order to get a better perspective and plan, according to Biden, he added notable members to the task force. Some include but are not limited to Vivek Murthy, who is the former surgeon general, David Kessler, who is the former Food and Drug Administration coordinator, and Marcella Nunez-Smith, a Yale physician researcher. One thing that’s notable from all of these people is their expertise in the health field, which to many people, is a key factor to slowing down and stopping the virus.

This task force comes days after Biden released his plan to combat the Covid crisis, although his plan to some is still foggy. A student commented “All he wants is lockdowns and more lockdowns, which will ruin the economy.” Another student, who is a freshman, said “I believe his plan will work, as there will be free testing and much more.” Others voiced their opinion that no matter what Biden’s plan is, it will be better than President Trump’s. 

Examining these sources, there seems to be a key factor in people’s opinions on the plan and task force – reliance. In this urgent time, people rely on our current President and future one to help create a plan that will slow and stop the virus. The reliance also comes from hope, to see the number of cases and deaths slow down.

Others wish to eventually be hopeful.. A student stated “The Trump Administration also had professionals in public health. I’m not saying that Biden’s plan will be bad, but I’m assuming we will stay in the same spot until we hear the other parts of the new pandemic plan. That, I am hopeful for.”

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