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The Innovative New Ways in which Kurt’s Army Continues to Serve the Community

Kurt’s army, a Mira Loma Club, has decided to make an extra effort to help senior citizens and hospitalized patients in times of need, choosing not to relent in times of crisis.

A unique club founded to honor the former student Kurt Lee (who passed away from leukemia), Kurt’s Army has always been involved in community service across the school and Sacramento, says Joanne Cai ‘22, the club’s public relations officer. She added that the club especially focuses on blood cancer.

This year, though, Kurt’s Army had to make adjustments due to the changing pandemic situation. Instead of hindering their ability to volunteer, the coronavirus prompted Kurt’s Army to further offer help to people disadvantaged by the disease. “There have been new projects, such as writing messages and designing eCards for patients and healthcare workers to support them during the pandemic,” Cai stated. At the same time, Kurt’s Army stayed true to its blood-cancer fighting origins, she continued. Club members continue making “keychains, bracelets, and face masks to raise money and donate to charities that aim to support leukemia research and spread awareness about blood cancer.”

There was one issue that Kurt’s Army faced. The club usually holds an event called Light the Night, where students hold up lanterns in the dark to represent presenting light to those who are suffering with leukemia or lymphoma. Although Light the Night is usually done in downtown Sacramento, due to COVID-19, it was done virtually this year. 

Creative students were quick to compensate. Kurt’s Army initiated a project that anyone (not just Kurt’s Army members or Mira Loma students) can participate in, known as the “Virtual Performance and Art Exhibition.” Alyssa Canafe ‘22, the club’s secretary said that they had created a website to “showcase video performances (things like dancing, singing, or playing an instrument), as well as artwork (such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, or photography).” It’s primary purpose? Entertainment. With the loneliness of quarantine, people can be desperate for some interaction, especially senior citizens in nursing homes who were already lucky to have a few visits. A virtual concert filled with art, though, offers them interaction and a bit of entertainment. “The cool thing about this is that the submissions are not limited to students of Mira Loma,” said Canafe. “No matter what age, anyone can participate and contribute to this by sending in any video performances or photos of their artwork.” The site’s tentative release date is January 11, 2021.

Canafe was quick to remind that the club’s successes wouldn’t have been possible without contribution and membership from a variety of students. “Even though we’re near the end of the semester, anyone can still join Kurt’s Army at any time! Our meetings are every other Monday at 3:00 PM,” she was glad to mention. Their membership information can be found on Google Classroom, with the code scxx2c3. Nonetheless, students who aren’t part of the club can still appreciate the positivity spread by this determined group of students. 

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