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Mira Loma’s Water Polo: An Interview with Julia Teymouri

By Alexandra Huynh

Polo Captains Pictured left to right: Brianna Huynh, Kemeya Khansari, and Julia Teymouri

How long have you been involved with water polo, and what first got you interested in it?

I’ve been involved with water polo since my freshman year. I wanted to try it out because I had some friends who played it as a club sport, and I’d been swimming for years. 

What is your favorite thing about water polo?

My favorite thing about water polo is definitely games. I usually do the sprint at the beginning & it’s always interesting to race the other team. 

What is your least favorite thing about water polo?

The physicality of the sport is both a blessing and a curse — it can get kind of violent sometimes and I’ve gotten some nasty injuries. But being able to flex your “battle scars” after the game is fun. ​

Describe your team in 3 words.


How has being on this team impacted you personally?

Being on the team has made me bolder & more extroverted. It’s also made me physically stronger. 

What are you looking forward to this season?

I’m really looking forward to all of our tournaments, especially Napa!

What advice would you give to students interested in joining this sport?

Put yourself out there! We’re one of the friendliest teams & WILL spend time teaching you the skills. It can seem like a daunting sport but it’s also a blast & joining was one of the best things I did in high school.

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