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Letters to Mira Loma #1

“It’s only 3 months into the school year, and I’m already feeling stressed. I knew that Mira Loma would be competitive, but I think it’s starting to become a detriment to my life. How do you keep Mira Loma’s competitive environment from negatively affecting your mental health?”

Anonymous Freshman


We understand how challenging it can be to transition to a new school, regardless of the program you are a part of at Mira Loma. To answer your question, we reached out to a few seniors that have gone through 3 years at our school to share their tips with you on how to maintain a healthy mindset. The following quotes have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

— The MLT Team

Advice and Responses from Mira Loma Seniors (Class of 2020)

“Don’t compare yourself to others. Figure out what your goals are and what is important to you and just focus on that.”

“It’s easy to get caught in the trap of constantly comparing yourself to others, both within academics and elsewhere on this campus. But the thing to remember is that the only standard you have to reach is the one you set yourself.”

“Know that you have different end goals and ideas from other people, but learning from other people’s work ethic or taking inspiration from the people around you is going to make you a better person!”

“High school is completely different for everyone and there is no need to compare yourself to other students. Just focus on yourself and if anyone tries to push you down because he or she did better than you, walk away!”

“Find a group of friends and stick close to them :)”

“Have a group of supportive friends who genuinely want you to see you succeed.”

“Make sure school isn’t the only thing you and your friends talk about, and if you try to switch topics and still wind up talking about school, it’s ok to tell your friends that it stresses you out and that you don’t want to talk about it.”

“Immerse yourself in school activities! Sometimes only hanging out with other IB ppl in an academic environment can get really toxic, but if you can establish a balance of activities then it’s easier to fend off the toxicity.”

“Try to turn the tables: use the competitive environment to push you to do better. Take charge of it, but don’t let it turn you into someone you would hate.”

“Learn to forgive yourself if you’ve made a mistake and move forward to fix it instead of berating yourself about it.”​

“Stay in your lane, and in stay on your grind. use the outside noise to fuel you.”

​”All that matters is that you’re having fun!”

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